Since 2019, Avery has gone by the mononym Avo when releasing solo music, after a friend called her that once and then it just stuck.
Her solo music can be bought and streamed on all platforms.

"The Winter Rains" is Avo's first multi-song release, featuring four songs from 2021 writing sessions. Stream here!

GRF_4899 1x1

"No Fear // Someone That You Love" is the first release by Avo, Emily Drum, & Jordan Murillo as their group ADJ. Stream here!

"wherewereyou (avo's prelude)" is a companion piece to her arrangements for The ChapTones' album i'll be there, and serves as an expansion of the themes and an alternate opening to the work. Stream here!

Avo - wherewereyou (avo's prelude)
tapestry cover art ii

"Tapestry" is a collaboration between Avo and two Arizona-based artists, Emily Drum & RilloBlack, who each spent time artistically directing the award-winning group Amplified out of UoA. Stream here!